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12 marzo 2021

The Erasmus Programme at Didacta Fair: two events for the school world

Le sfide del nuovo Programma 2021-2027 e le opportunità di mobilità internazionale per gli studenti universitari

The new opportunities of the 2021/2027 Erasmus + Programme for the world of education are the subjects of two events organized as part of Didacta fair Italy, the most important national educational initiative on teaching, this year entirely online from 16 to 19 March.


Internationalising schools: the challenges of the new 2021-2027 Erasmus + Programme
Tuesday 16 March 3 – 3.50 pm
Ministry of Education – Meeting centre

The event, organised by the Ministry of Education, aims to present the main innovations relating to the 2021-2027 Erasmus + Programme, in view of the upcoming 2021 Call for applications. The event is aimed at teachers and head teachers of all levels and is participated in by Simona Montesarchio, Director General of the Ministry of Education – National Authority, and Sara Pagliai, Coordinator of the Indire‘s National Erasmus + Agency.

Access to the event is free for teachers and head teachers who have already purchased the ticket for the training activities of Didacta fair Italy. Those who have not purchased a ticket at Fiera Didacta Italia and are interested in following the event can register at the dedicated page.

Information and registration: https://eventi.fieradidacta.it/RicercaEventiEspositori.aspx?evento=1466#ris1


– 2021-2027 Erasmus + what are the opportunities for university students?
Wednesday 17 March 12 – 12.50 pm
Ministry of Education – Meeting centre

The event is organised by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of University and Research in collaboration with Indire and is aimed at head teachers, teachers and secondary school students. It will illustrate the international mobility opportunities of the Erasmus + 2021-2027 Programme for university, with the aim of raising awareness among teachers and attract students. This is an important information opportunity for students – who are about to start an academic path – to play an active role as European citizens and gain awareness of the possibilities of studying and training in Europe.

There will be speeches by Federico Cinquepalmi, Head of Office V Internationalization of Higher Education, Claudia Peritore, Head of the Higher Education Unit of the Indire’s Erasmus + National Agency and Giovanni Telesca, President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN Italy).

Teachers already in possession of a ticket for Didacta fair Italy will be able to participate in the event free of charge and involve their students at no additional cost. The participation of students of the concluding years of the school path is strongly recommended.

Information and registration: https://eventi.fieradidacta.it/RicercaEventiEspositori.aspx?evento=1870#ris1



Participation in both events is valid for the issuing of a certificate of attendance of the training activity.


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