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6 aprile 2021

“Music unites schools” audios/videos submission is open from 12 April

On the occasion of the National Music at School Week 2021, Indire organizes online the XXXII National Music Festival “Music unites schools”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education – National Committee for the practical learning of music for all students.

This is an initiative of great interest for teachers and students who will have the opportunity to let others know of their achievements in the musical field, even in these months of distance learning.

From April 12th to May 9th, schools of all types and levels will be able to share by video or audio messages the most innovative music teaching and learning activities carried out during the 2020/21 school year or during 2019/2020 (in this case the activities already submitted to the last edition are not admitted).

In addition to the videos of the musical performances, one of the novelties of this year are the audio or video messages/testimony through which teachers and students can speak of the reasons why they listen to a particular song or a specific genre of music, with the aim to broaden knowledge and stimulate others in order to reach a wider audience.


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