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19 aprile 2021

ITS Pop Days are on the starting blocks, in May the first virtual fair of the Higher Technical Institutes

Disseminating and implementing the knowledge of Higher Technical Institutes (ITS), highlighting their value and effectiveness as real “technical knowledge hubs” with a high degree of technological knowledge and also as a guarantee for young people’s employability.

This is the purpose of the ITS Pop Days, the first ITS virtual fair, organized by Confindustria and Umana in collaboration with Indire, scheduled from 5 to 7 May in an entirely online format on the website www.itspopdays.it.

It will be a three-day event dedicated to the orientation in the choice of these actual Made in Italy Academies of professional higher education, a sort of “digital city”, which will operate through a specially designed online platform. It will be possible to browse through the virtual stands of 92 registered ITS Foundations with which to communicate live, via chat. It will be also possible to participate in thematic meetings and webinars on training, work and on the future of the new generations.

Italy is at a turning point with the arrival of the Recovery Plan funds. Training and youth employment are the first drivers of change on which to direct European projects and resources. Students enrolled at the ITS are still too few compared to the needs of companies and for this reason it is necessary to promote the choice of Higher Technical Institutes as an investment in the future.

According to Indire monitoring, in fact, 83% of graduates from these territorial excellences found work one year after graduation, 92% of them in an area consistent with their studies. In some courses of studies, employment reached even 100% of graduates.

The ITS offer professional higher education courses where technological competence is combined with business practice. They cover 6 technological areas:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Sustainable mobility
  3. New life technologies
  4. Innovative technologies for cultural heritage and activities – Tourism
  5. Information and communication technologies
  6. New technologies for Made in Italy (Business services; Agro-food system; Home system; Mechanical system; Fashion system).

The structural link with manufacturing and related services are the key to the ITS system. Thanks to the active participation of companies both in the didactic co-planning and in the governance of the Institutes, they represent a privileged access to the world of work.

The ITS POP DAYS will be an opportunity to learn about and approach a training course that can be a springboard for the future of our young people.


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