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21 maggio 2021

Adult education in a European dimension. Lorenza Venturi’s speech at FierIda

The European dimension of adult education is at the core of the activities of the Indire’s Epale Unit and Erasmus+ agency which has always been committed to training institutions on professional updating and transnational collaboration opportunities made available by European platforms and funds, and has always enhanced the internationalisation experiences underway.

In order to achieve a more equitable and inclusive society the Provincial Centres for Adult Education perform a role which must be sustained and made known. These are nerve centres for people’s growth, disseminated throughout the territory, with the role of connecting formal education, non-formal education and orientation to placement opportunities (or retraining) according to the role that the recent reform of adult education assigned to these centres. Their full activity is still often hampered also by logistical aspects.

European policies have set an ambitious goal for the next few years: to involve 50% of adults from each member state in at least one training experience.

At FierIDA 2021 Epale organized two workshops to raise awareness of European opportunities that will facilitate the achievement of this goal, supporting networking and supporting the implementation of professional development projects abroad, financed with greater resources by the new Erasmus+ programme.

Find below the speech of the opening plenary session of FierIDA 2021, by Lorenza Venturi, Responsible of Indire’s Erasmus+ Adult Education sector and Head of the Italian Epale Unit: