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17 giugno 2021

The Higher Technical Institutes in Italy become 110. The new entry is in Sicily

The number of Higher Technical Institutes (ITSs) in our country is growing. The ITS Aerospace Sicily – Ragusa fills up the last space on the national chessboard, enriching the network of the technological area of ​​sustainable mobility.

This ITS carries out its seminar and laboratory activities at the ITCA “Fabio Besta” of Ragusa and at the Kore University of Enna and aims to train the professional figures of “Superior Technician for the production and maintenance of means of transport and/or related infrastructures” and “Higher Technician for info mobility for transport and logistic infrastructures”.

The local authorities of the Municipality of Comiso, the Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa; the university departments of: Kore University of Enna, University of Messina; the companies: SEAS S.r.l. – Civitavecchia, P.I.S.T.A. S.r.l. – Messina, CogTech S.r.l. – Catania; and finally, the ABAKOS training institution in Vittoria, contributed to the establishment of the Foundation.


What are ITSs?

The Higher Technical Institutes (ITSs) are the first Italian experience of professionalizing tertiary training offer according to a system consolidated for some years also in other European countries.

Born in 2010 to train superior technicians in strategic areas for economic development and competitiveness in Italy, they are high-technology schools closely linked to the production system that prepare specialized middle managers who can help govern and exploit the potential of Enterprise 4.0 in companies.

Indire, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, creates and manages the national ITSs database, the national monitoring, conducts a research activity to investigate the structural, organizational, didactic and development elements practiced in the various ITSs, systematising them in order to start an innovation process (find all the information here).