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9 luglio 2021

Eun Academy: two MOOCs on integrated STEM teaching return in October


EUN Academy, the European Schoolnet training platform, announces the return of two courses aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, focusing on integrated teaching of STEM disciplines.

The two MOOCs in English will start on 25 October 2021, will last five and a half weeks and will be divided into four modules for a total of twenty hours.

One course will be dedicated to primary school teachers and the other to secondary school teachers, both will highlight the opportunities offered by the integrated teaching of scientific disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by providing practical examples developed and tested by teachers.

As always, the courses are carried out with a careful look at innovative teaching methodologies and with the aim of stimulating cooperation between the industrial and educational sectors, in order to facilitate students’ knowledge of scientific careers and the skills necessary to undertake them.


Here are the links to register for the courses: