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26 luglio 2021

The call for papers for the IARTEM Conference is open

In April 2022 the international conference organized together with INDIRE and IUL

Until 20 September it will be possible to submit your application to participate in the international conference “Disciplinary, transdisciplinary knowledge and skills for an uncertain future: are Educational Media up to it?” which will be held in Florence, from 5 to 8 April 2022. The event, promoted by the IARTEM – International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media, together with Indire and the Online University, IUL, will be the occasion to present research and scientific interventions on topics related to educational resources, educational media and the history of the textbook.

To participate in the “Call for Paper” you must send an abstract of your speech in English, maximum length 400-500 words at the following link: https://iartemconference.iuline.it/april-6-8-2022-florence/#submit
The international conference, which will bring together up to 200 participants from different countries, includes plenary meetings held by internationally renowned experts, round tables on topics of interest, and workshops.
The central theme of the Conference, the textbook with its innumerable implications, will be analysed from different perspectives, leaving space for a series of discussions, which will focus on the following issues: analysis of the text adoption systems present in the various participating countries, historical studies that analyse the textbook in its diachronic perspective, research that analyses good practices in the use of books and digital resources, and surveys on the quality of textbooks with particular reference to the digital format.
During the Conference, topics of alternative use practices will also be addressed with reference to innovative teaching methodologies, disciplinary insights, analysis of cross-cutting issues including inclusion and gender issues; and finally, the aspects linked to sociological and economic investigations regarding the production and dissemination of textbooks and digital resources in the various countries.
In 2018 IARTEM entered into an agreement with INDIRE, in particular with the Avanguardie Educative Movement, with the aim of carrying out projects concerning the study of textbooks and digital educational content.


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