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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


28 luglio 2021

Avanguardie Educative’s summer school kicks off on 8 September

Four days dedicated to illustrating experiences of innovation in the field of digital or hybrid teaching practices and methodologies, and to the study and analysis of more flexible spaces and teaching times, put into practice by the Avanguardie Educative Movement.

From 8 to 11 September – from 2.30 pm to 7.30 pm, excluding Saturday 11, when the event will be held in the morning from 10 am to 1.30 pm – the first Summer School of Avanguardie Educative will take place on the INDIRE online platform. The event will have as a guideline the enhancement of the best teaching practices, told by the schools of the Avanguardie Educative Movement, which will be shared with the Italian teaching community, to create an innovative school consistent with the new educational needs of the future scenario.

On 2 September, the Summer School will be preceded by an open lesson, broadcast live in streaming on the INDIRE platform, with Alessandro Baricco, who will talk about the “Seven moves for the school”.

On 8 September, there will be a plenary introductory session during which the three new ideas of the Avanguardie Educative “Gallery” will be presented: Laboratories of Knowledge, Outdoor Education and professional staff exchanges.

In parallel, the Summer School will organize every day six workshops conducted by expert trainers from the schools of Avanguardie Educative, which will be previously selected among the applications of the call for panel, to be sent by next 9 August, and accessible from the link: http://innovazione.indire.it/avanguardieeducative/summer-school

The workshops will be organized around four macro areas. The first concerns the category of “Digital educational solutions for the development of skills”, where contributions relating to didactic practices concerning one or more ideas of the Avanguardie Educative, implemented in digital, multimedia or multimodal mode will be collected. The second category focuses attention on “Organizational flexibility: a new way of thinking about school time and space”, based on rethinking teaching time and a revision of the organization and timing of teaching activities, taking into account the new digital potentials; other workshops will concern “Rethinking the curriculum” with contributions related to innovative teaching experiences; and finally the fourth category, “Leadership and Leadershare” aimed at head teachers, in which contributions will be collected regarding shared, participated and distributed leadership experiences, offering practical ideas to the head teachers of Avanguardie Educative, for a rethinking of the school in the post Covid world.

Registration for the Summer School will open on 23 August. More details and information will be published on the INDIRE website.