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29 luglio 2021

“IUL Research” Journal, new dossier on the consequences of Covid 19 in the educational field

The new issue of the scientific journal IUL Research of IUL online university, entitled “Social learning environments supported by digital technologies, skills development and new trainers’ profiles” has been published.

The publication addresses the issue of the changes triggered by the pandemic and the consequent upheaval of our behaviours, habits and lifestyles. In this context, digital technologies played a central role during the first lockdown and continue to play a fundamental role even in the current phases of coexistence with the virus. They have in fact allowed, and still guarantee today, the continuation of many social, work and educational activities.

In this issue of IUL Research, available at this link, there are numerous national and international contributions that offer an overview of the role of technologies and digital languages ​​in different life contexts and in particular in the educational, school and university world.


The IUL Research Journal

IUL Research is the open access scientific journal of IUL online university that collects the best contributions on the subject of cutting-edge teaching, actively contributing to the debate for the innovation of education systems. The journal, directed by Giovanni Biondi, is an editorial initiative open to the scientific community and is the result of national and foreign public calls. Among the objectives that animate the IUL Research publishing project is the idea of ​​returning the results of theoretical or field research that answer questions capable of adding concrete elements of novelty on the educational front. With this journal, the University intends to increase and strengthen its scientific role at a national and international level, with partnerships in the field of teaching and research and applications in competitive fields, including those in Europe.


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