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26 agosto 2021

EUN Academy: new edition of the online course “The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science”

“The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science”, starting on 13 September, is the new edition of the free online course for teachers promoted by European Schoolnet (EUN) together with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

The 3Rs from which the course takes its name stand for Replacement (replacement of animal experiments with alternative models and methods wherever possible), Reduction (reduction to the bare minimum of the number of animals used) and Refinement (continuous improvement of the experimental methods used, in order to minimize the suffering of animals).

The course aims to integrate reflections on experimentation and animal welfare into the secondary school curriculum, to help students open up to the topic and become interested in ethics in science, while developing critical thinking and scientific skills. Indeed, the European Union is committed to reducing and, in the near future, completely replacing the use of animals in science.

The course, available in English on the European Schoolnet Academy platform, has a duration of 5 and a half weeks, is structured in 4 modules and involves a total workload of approximately 18 hours.


Registration is open >>