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30 agosto 2021

Solidarity, the Erasmus+ Indire Agency participates in Corri la Vita 2021

Culture, social media live streaming and individual sport in the name of solidarity: during the “European Week of Sport”, Sunday 26 September, the event “Corri la Vita” returns in Florence. The event was presented last July by the President of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani and by its founder, Bona Frescobaldi.

The event, one of the most anticipated and attended of the Tuscan capital, is preparing to celebrate its nineteenth edition with a new formula that extends to all of Tuscany, to continue to promote fundraising for projects dedicated to breast cancer treatment and prevention.

The Erasmus+ Indire Agency is pleased to participate for the third consecutive year in this important event, supporting the values ​​of sport and solidarity.

“The participation of Erasmus – Sara Pagliai, coordinator of the Erasmus+ Indire Agency declared – derives from a profound affinity of intentions and values, which are also the deep boost to student mobility and to the many projects involving schools, universities, the CPIAs, but also the many bodies, associations, NGOs participating in the Programme: the desire to know, to get out of one’s shell, to confront, to be active and to change the world for the better, starting from oneself “.

Sport is increasingly the protagonist in Erasmus + Indire: already this year it will be enhanced at a decentralized level, with the possibility for sports clubs, but also for many small amateur associations, to participate in international projects and receive funding. Furthermore, at the end of September, there will be the European Week of Sport, which aims to help millions of citizens to choose a better and healthier lifestyle. An opportunity for the Agency to raise awareness of the many opportunities that Erasmus offers, even the lesser known.

Erasmus+ is the programme that has offered over 10 million people the opportunity to study, train and do an internship abroad and its success can only continue and become a tool for recovery after the pandemic crisis.


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