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2 settembre 2021

Media literacy and disinformation. The European campaign “eTwinning Weeks” is back

The European campaign “eTwinning Weeks” for the realization of new projects on media literacy and disinformation is back.

The eTwinning Weeks are an annual initiative that aims to support teachers enrolled in the eTwinning European community in the creation of new educational collaborations, offering – over a set period of time – a wide range of activities and resources linked to a specific theme, shared at European level (The 2021 theme is, in fact, “Media literacy and disinformation”).

The campaign kicks off on September 1st and will continue until October 28th.

The planned activities include:

  • ETwinning Coach
    During the summer we have selected expert coach teachers who will guide eTwinners on this journey. The work between the coaches and the campaign participants will start on September 20th and will last until October 28th. More information will be disseminated via email once a coach is assigned. The eTwinning teachers interested in participating in this activity have until 17 September to register by accessing the dedicated area on eTwinning Live.


  • Webinar
    Webinars are expert-led online meetings in which community teachers have the opportunity to learn and interact with other colleagues to initiate new collaborative ideas, exchange methodologies and experiences or attend sessions with experts. As with the other activities, the topics covered in the webinars are related to this year’s eTwinning theme. This is the calendar of scheduled meetings:
    Monday 11 October: webinar with Commissioner Gabriel, Judit Polgar and eTwinning projects on chess in education;
    Tuesday 19 October: webinar with the House of European History on the exhibition “Fake For Real, A History of Forgery and Falsification”;
    Thursday 21 October: webinar with the Anne Frank House on media literacy.


  • Sharing of good practices
    Best practice sessions invite representatives of successful eTwinning projects to talk about their experiences and lessons learned in order to inspire and motivate all interested eTwinners to embark on the same adventure.
    This is the calendar:
    – Tuesday 5 October: Best practice – Session 1
    – Thursday 14 October: Best practice – Session 2


We remind you that to participate in the activities provided for by the eTwinning Weeks, you must be registered with the community and access the dedicated area.