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3 settembre 2021

The research on Small Schools at the ECER 2021 International Conference

For years the Indire research group on small schools has maintained a fruitful dialogue with ECER – European Conference on Educational Research and with the Network 14 – Communities, Families and Schooling in Educational Research, in EERA (European Educational Research Association). This year there are numerous contributions dedicated to the worldwide much-felt theme of small schools and rural schools, to which the 2021 edition dedicates an important part of its programme.

The first appointment of the Indire research is scheduled for Wednesday 8 September (2:00 pm – 3:30 pm) as part of the Symposium 14 – SES 11 A entitled “Status and Perspectives on Researching in Small and Rural Schools Practices”, chaired by the researcher Giuseppina Cannella and with Professor Laurence Lasselle in the role of discussant. The Symposium will see the participation of the Italian research group of the Indire dealing with multigrade classes, represented by Laura Parigi, Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Tania Iommi and Rudi Bartolini who will present the analysis and research work conducted on the educational realities present in the Small Schools Movement, with the intervention “Multigrade Classroom in Italy: a Practical Knowledge Research to Investigate Issues and Teaching Tips”.

Alongside the Italian group, there will also be the Swiss one represented by our colleagues of SUPSI (Professional University School of Italian Switzerland) Giancarlo Gola, Robbert Smit and Lorena Rocca with the intervention entitled “Differentiated Instruction in Mixed-age Classes – Results from a Study in Small and Alpine Schools in Switzerland ” and the Spanish one represented by our colleague Begoña Vigo-Arrazola of the University of Zaragoza, entitled“ Mobility, Life and Curriculum in Small Rural Schools in Spain. Tensions and Opportunities”

The second appointment with Indire’s research is scheduled for Thursday 9 September (11: 00-12: 30) within the session 14 SES 14 A Reconciliating Communities, Families and Schools, during which the Indire researchers Stefania Chipa, Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione and Giuseppina Cannella will present the first works conducted on the theme of Community Educational Pacts within the “Reconciliation pedagogy” European framework, with a speech entitled “Toward Reconciliation Policy in Italy: the Role of the Educational Territorial Alliance Agreement for Small and Rural Schools “.



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