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6 settembre 2021

«Professional exchange», a new «Idea» of Avanguardie Educative

“Professional exchange – Educational continuity, curriculum enhancement, enhancement of teaching subjects” is the new Idea that today is added to those already present in the “Gallery of Ideas for Innovation” of the Avanguardie Educative movement.

Schools that intend to adopt this new Idea will have the opportunity to enhance the role of their teachers – thanks to the possibilities offered by school autonomy – through educational continuity paths between different school levels, curriculum strengthening and specialization in the teaching subjects which offer new educational opportunities for the young.

“Professional exchange – Educational continuity, curriculum enhancement, enhancement of teaching subjects” arises from the experience of the “Teresa Mattei” IC of Bagno a Ripoli (Florence), an institute that for years has been implementing forms of didactic continuity between the different school levels. The experience of the “Teresa Mattei” Institute ensured that the scope of investigation/research was extended to other schools that had interpreted the legislation trying to affect the learning of students through the enhancement of teaching professionalism.

Therefore, this Idea intends to enhance all those experiences in which a different organization of teaching and a different role of the teacher offer rich and unusual training opportunities to students, also in accordance with the needs of different contexts.

If the case of the “Teresa Mattei” institute focused on the “professional exchange” between kindergarten, primary and lower secondary schools – overcoming the traditional assignment of teachers to their respective school level, the case of the IIS “Giuseppe Peano” of Florence, on the other hand, saw the “exchange” applied to disciplines – entrusting the philosophy teacher with the task of extending philosophical practice within technical and professional institutes that do not traditionally provide for the teaching of this subject. Finally, the case of the “Giovanni Falcone” IC in Copertino (Lecce) focused on the “disciplinary exchange” assigning the specialized teacher to teach only one subject among those of their competence (for example, only history or only science).

The common denominator of the three cases is a school organization that hinges on student learning, enhances the professionalism of teachers and, last but not least, performs the role of educational community in its area.

There are three “reference horizons” of the Avanguardie Educative’s Manifesto to which the Idea refers specifically:

For the planning phases of the research actions and for those related to their implementation, the Idea sees two Indire Research Structures collaborate in strong synergy: 7 (Methodological and organizational innovation of the school model) and 11 (Evaluation of innovation).

The idea will be presented during the next Summer School on Friday 10 September in plenary session from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.


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