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22 ottobre 2021

Five new ITS Academies created in Italy

The number of higher technical Institutes (ITS) in Italy increased once again. With the creation of 5 new ITS Academies in Liguria and in Calabria, there are now 116 ITSs in our national territory, which are related to the 6 technological areas deemed of strategic interest for the economic development and the competitiveness of the country.

The ITSs are schools of high technology closely linked to the production system which represent a valid alternative to university for young people who had completed secondary school education, thanks to their employment rate at course completion, which is over 80%.

Specifically, the new entries are in Liguria, the ITS Accademia Ligure Agroalimentare – Imperia, a new foundation linked to the area New Technologies for the Made in Italy – Agri-food system (with a now starting course for superior technician for the olive-growing sector); and in Calabria with 4 new Institutions:

  • Palmi (RC), ITS Mask for the technological area New technologies for Made in Italy – Business services;
  • in Vibo Valentia, ITS Elaia Calabria for the Innovative Technologies for Cultural Heritage and Activities – Tourism area, with a training offer ranging from Hospitality Management to Food & Beverage Management;
  • in Soverato (CZ), Cadmo ITS ICT for the Information and Communication Technologies area, with courses for Programmer 4.0, Cloud Specialist and Security specialist;
  • in Rende (CS), the ITS Iridea, for the New Technologies area for Made in Italy – Agri-food system, with the course “Control, enhancement and marketing of agricultural, agri-food and agro-industrial productions”.

Indire, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, creates and manages the national ITS database and the national monitoring. It also conducts a research activity to investigate the structural, organizational, didactic and development elements practiced in the various ITSs, and systematises them to start an innovation process (all the information here).