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25 ottobre 2021

The effects of climate change on mental health. On November 4th, the webinar of the EuCliPa.Italy network

The increase in frequency and intensity of extreme climatic phenomena is having repercussions on people’s mental health as well. Increased levels of stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eco-anxiety and ‘solastalgia’ (i.e. that particular emotional state that occurs when the environment in which one lives is altered by sudden and uncontrollable changes) are just some of the consequences of climate change, and it is now important to raise awareness of the urgent need to find solutions and new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Precisely in order to address these issues, EuCliPa.Italy, the community of Italian ambassadors of the Pact for Climate appointed by the European Commission, organizes the webinar Climate change and mental health. Diagnostic-therapeutic framework and perspectives on Thursday 4 November from 6.30 to 8 pm.

The main focus of the webinar will be on how the effects of climate change affect global mental health. Thanks to the contribution of national and international experts, the level of awareness of the scientific community on the subject will be discussed and what efforts have been made so far to define new diagnosis and therapy strategies. Finally, we will explain how some pro-environmental behaviors can help reduce climate change anxiety.


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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash