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3 novembre 2021

Science is Wonderful! E new European platform for science teaching is underway thanks to EU research

Science is Wonderful comes back! The initiative organised every year by the EU commission with the aim to bring the world of science to primary and secondary schools of all Europe.

The 2021 edition, taking place from 10 to 26 November will be also an occasion to introduce Science is Wonderful! Digital, an online platform full of didactic activities and materials created by EU research with projects – funded through the Marie Skłodowska Curie Action as part of the Horizon programme –  covering various sectors: from life science to chemistry and physics, form information science to social sciences.


Participate with your class

The event, carried out completely online aims to offer to some teachers the opportunity to draw inspiration from scientists, follow live workshops and access a vast array of online resources planned to stimulate curiosity and bring innovative didactic experiences to life.



  • 10 November
    Opening ceremony with the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, with examples of science teaching in schools and a presentation of the “Digital” platform.
  • 22-26 November
    Science is wonderful! Live – teachers will be encouraged to use in the class didactic materials contained in the platform. This will be also the time for online meetings between teachers, students and researchers.
  • 26 November
    Closing ceremony


Enrolment is open for all the events >>