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10 novembre 2021

Didactic proposals to educate to Critical thinking. Rewatch AIRC’s webinar

We share on this page the recording of the webinar “Educate to critical thinking – Didactic proposals and strategies”, the online event organised on 5 November by the AIRC Foundation for cancer research, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education as part of the AIRC project for schools.

Paola Bortolon, President of ANISN ( national association of natural sciences teachers), Serena Goracci, Indire’s researcher and Evelina Molinari, developmental age psychologist, talked about critical thinking, which is one of the characteristic elements of research and of the evolution of scientific thought. Starting from this theme, the discourse continued with a reflection on the web and life styles, the importance of sources and fake news. Part of the seminar was dedicated to reflecting on how disciplines, such as mathematics and science, if taught through the right didactic methods, can contribute in a significant manner to the development of transversal and citizenship skills.

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