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3 dicembre 2021

 eTwinning reaches 1 million registered teachers in 43 countries

The European eTwinning community crosses the milestone of 1 million teachers enrolled in the 43 countries participating in the action. An important achievement that was announced by the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel through this video message of congratulations to all eTwinners.



eTwinning is very different from how it was at its beginning in 2005, and this milestone is the result of 16 years of research, experimentation and incessant behind-the-scenes work carried out primarily by teachers and classes, but also by the coordination network led by the European Commission, European Schoolnet and all the National Support Organizations (or National Support Units) in the various countries.

Today we celebrate with the awareness that there is still a lot of work to be done and that eTwinning will continue to evolve and change over time. What is certain is that the community, as always, will try to provide opportunities and tools to help teachers work, with a view to innovation, cooperation and inclusion, to bring European education systems increasingly connected, to reach that European Education Area that in 2025 we hope will really become a concrete reality.


Celebrate eTwinning with the social chain!

To better celebrate this great milestone, the eTwinning Central Unit and the European Commission invite all eTwinners to share the answer to this question on social networks: “What is the best result you and your students have achieved thanks to eTwinning?”.

ETwinners will have to write the answer in their account (Twitter in the first place, but Facebook or Instagram are fine too) and tag a colleague with whom they have collaborated in the projects, always including the hashtag #1MeTwinners.

Similarly, tagged colleagues will have to re-share the message and, in turn, write the response with the hashtag and tag other colleagues, and so on.

Start the chain now and help us share the growth of our community!





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