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15 dicembre 2021

“A book with Epale”: recognising and rethinking life experiences to make sense of adult learning


The final talk of the cycle of meetings “A book with Epale” will be dedicated to the importance of autobiography to make adult learning more effective.

The theme tackled in the book Self-narration between self-recognition and promotion (Pensa Multimedia, 2021) will be at the core of the conversation with Marianna Capo, PhD in Psychological and pedagogical sciences at the university of Naples Federico II and autobiography expert who will be hosted in live streaming connection by “a Book with Epale” on 16 December at 2 pm.

Every person is an ever-changing being who mutates and evolves but also gets stuck or reacts – according to the context, the life stage in which he/she operates, the objectives set after having realised the importance of drawing up a personal/professional plan. For this reason, delving into autobiography and self-narration encourages the individual to learn during all life stages, thus making it an important self-empowering tool.

The volume presents some tools, such as the narrative digital curriculum “My personal and professional self-portrait”, that becomes almost an epistemological-methodological guide for counselling and orienteering professionals, trainers of trainers and educators.

The conversation is moderated by Daniela Ermini, Epale Italian Unit.


Follow the live broadcast (16/12, ore 2 pm) >>