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22 dicembre 2021

The new Epale journal on adult education for the future, containing inputs from the Epale Italy seminar, is online

The new Epale journal on adult education for the future, containing inputs from the Epale Italy seminar, is online.

The new issue of the Epale journal n. 9/2021 dedicated to adult education in Italy from a European perspective is available online. This issue contains inputs and insights form the core themes of the national seminar “Education for the future: Epale Italy and the challenges of learning in adulthood” which took place at the end of the first five years of activities of the Epale Italy national unit, from 4 to 6 November 2020.

In the editorial, Giovanna Del Gobbo introduces this issue emphasising the most urgent theoretical issues and the answers to be found in the practices.

The growing need of lifelong learning and training also in light of the challenges posed by the current dramatic and unique historical time, would require innovative solutions, new synergies, cross-sectorial and multilevel governance, and actions able to be effective and incisive


The Regulatory framework allowed the recognition of experiences gained over time in which elements of “operational sustainability” are probably already traceable. In light of these experiences, what are the elements which characterise or could characterise an integrated system for lifelong learning, implementable at national level? If the networks, the guidance services, the services for competences certification, the educational paths addressed to marginal people or to those who risk becoming so, exist already and consolidated themselves thanks to bottom up experiences, can these be valorised to consolidate the system? On which theoretical and methodological assumptions are they based? In this framework, the contributions in this issue provide both theoretical reflections and transferable innovative experiences.”


In this number:

Editorial, Giovanna Del Gobbo


  • Individual law and adult education in Italy, Paolo Federighi
  • Work-related university training for future adult education professionals, Giovanna Del Gobbo, Vanna Boffo
  • Adult education in Italy: a systemic challenge, Laura Formenti
  • Intergenerational Learning: the profile of an emerging educator?, Piergiuseppe Ellerani, Mara de Blasi, Hanna Hurbanovich
  • Educating to integrate: the challenges of refugees to lifelong learning in tertiary education contexts, Marianna Colosimo, Fausta Scardigno
  • Social justice in the guidance practices of low-skilled migrant adults: the SoJUST project, Iole Marcozzi
  • The challenge of lifelong learning in the adult education system. The competences of the teachers of the Provincial Centres of Adult Education (CPIA) for the recognition of skills, Paolo Di Rienzo
  • Training and professional updating of teachers: strategic resources for quality adult education, Philipp Botes
  • The Evolution of Courses for Adults and the System Figure in charge of Research, Experimentation and Development in Adult Education, Giovanni Di Pinto
  • The value of teachers’ digital competences in L2 / LS teaching and learning. Analysis and didactic proposals, Matteo Mura, Héctor Ríos
  • Re-thinking the educational relationship: a challenge to re-signification in school in prison, Mariangela Pugliese
  • Learning inside: a twofold approach to school in prison, Anna Letizia La Fortuna
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills for the present and future of young adults through entrepreneurship education: good practices compared, Letizia Gamberi, Debora Daddi, Estrella Luna


  • For a welfare of aspirations: the HOOD Homeless’s Open Dialogue project, Natascia Curto, Silvia Stefani
  • Teaching in places of hardship, Ada Maurizio
  • It cannot be divided by zero! Doing Mathematics-Ethics in Prison, Maurizio Battaglia, Daniela Ferrarello


Education for the future: Epale Italy and the challenges of learning in adulthood”, Epale Journal n. 9 – June 2021  >>


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Epale Journal on Adult Learning and continuing education is the magazine born in 2017 from the collaboration between Indire and the Italian university network for lifelong learning (RUIAP). Recently, the journal obtained the recognition of scientific journal for Area 11 (pursuant to the ANVUR Regulation approved with the Governing Council Resolution no. 42 of 02/20/2019).

All issues, in Italian and English, are available at this web address: epalejournal.indire.it