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10 gennaio 2022

The teaching model “Classes on the net” in the new issue of “Qtimes – Journal of Education, Technology and Social Studies”

Classes on the Net” in small schools. Innovate through shared lessons in (multi-grade) open and isolated classrooms is the new scientific article by the Indire research group on small schools, published on the issue no. 4/2021 of the class A journal “QTimes-Journal of Education, Technology and Social Studies”.

In the article, Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione and Michelle Pieri present the didactic model “Classes on the Net”, experimented for the first time in Abruzzo’s small schools.

The article presents the results of a path that saw the involvement of 23 teachers (14 from primary schools and 7 from lower secondary schools) and 183 students (129 from primary schools and 54 from lower secondary schools).

The analysis work is based on the data of a structured quantitative survey, aimed at understanding the impact that the model had in the experimental classes in terms of collaboration, interdisciplinarity, reorganization of times and workspaces, and on a qualitative analysis based on focus groups with teachers and their classes. The focus groups were built starting from the identification of survey dimensions regarding the propensity to change of didactics, already present in the literature.


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