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9 febbraio 2022

The presentation of the volume “Debate – a method to enhance key competences”

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

On Tuesday 15 February the secondary school, “G. Peano”, in Florence, will host a meeting with the authors of the book “Il Debate – Una metodologia per potenziare le competenze chiave” (Debate – A method to enhance key competences).

The event is going to be held in-person in the school’s lecture hall at 3 pm. The Indire researchers, Letizia Cinganotto, Elena Mosa and Silvia Panzavolta are going to participate.

The volume, edited by Carocci in the editorial series “Ricerche Indire”, is the product of the research activity carried out in the schools of the innovation movement, “Avanguardie Educative”, and aims to provide teachers and students with tools, and concrete examples to introduce the debate method in the didactic practice.

The debate is an activity which helps students to search and select sources to form one’s own opinion, develop public speaking competences and listening education, in order to improve cultural awareness and self-esteem.