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21 febbraio 2022

Monday 28 February, online webinar “Let’s debate in English”

On Monday 28 February the webinar “Let’s debate in English” is scheduled from 5 pm to 6.30 pm.

It is a free of charge appointment open to all, to talk about the teaching methodology of the Debate, with particular reference to its practice in the English language, useful for stimulating and developing students’ multilingual skills.

The event will be introduced by the Indire researcher, Letizia Cinganotto, who will later present a focus on multilingual skills. Indire has been dealing with the educational value of this teaching approach for several years: the Debate is in fact one of the 16 ideas of the Avanguardie educative innovation movement, which has been successfully tested by numerous Italian schools.

Space will then be given to the Debate National Olympics 2022 (whose final phase will be held in-person from 26 to 30 April) which from this year will include a new section in English. An analysis on the movement and the Debate format will also be offered, providing an overview of how it is applied internationally.


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