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16 marzo 2022

EPALE the 2022 thematic focuses

Also this year, EPALE, the European portal on adult education, has chosen its priority themes. With the awareness of the radical changes which the pandemic brought into the world of education and training and with the urgency to sustain new processes and provide useful tools to the people involved in education, EPALE has chosen four new focuses which will be developed in parallel throughout 2022:


Young adults

2022 is the European year of youth, in order to underline the importance of active participation of all youths in the creation of a greener, more inclusive and digital future for Europe, Epale dedicates a thematic focus to young adults, in order to define strategies for a positive approach towards youth education as a first step towards lifelong learning.
This focus is dedicated to the 25-30 years old group and to some specific themes: intergenerational learning, partnerships building, social cohesion, civic skills as a prerequisite to become active players of the society; low qualified young adults, and how to endow them with the necessary skills to grow.

Do you want to contribute to this theme? Write an article and choose the associated tag.



Innovative approaches for Skills revolution

Which are the new frontiers of adult learning? How can we improve lifelong learning and employability? This focus will concern a large series of sub-subjects: refinement and requalification of innovation practices; personalised initiatives of competences development; flexible learning paths; designing of mixed learning paths; innovative tools for competences prediction. The aim will be also to talk about some Commission’s initiatives: micro credentials and individual learning accounts.

Do you have experiences or thoughts to share about these new approaches?


Learning communities

Learning takes place in communities, builds communities and helps them grow. This requires that education would take place not only in more formal institutions and contexts, but also in non-formal learning contexts and informal practices, since learning does not stop behind a wall, but goes beyond physical and well-established spaces.

What is your experience? What learning communities are you helping to grow?


Creativity and culture for social cohesion

This focus aims to explore the role of culture and shared places that can help form more resilient communities. Cultural education is an important driver and factor of social cohesion, by supporting individual empowerment and democratic consciousness in adult students.

In contributing to this focus, the invitation is to explore multidisciplinary cultural spaces (museums, libraries, theatres, but also informal spaces transformed into new and innovative learning spaces); creative tools and methodologies.

Each focus has a dedicated section on the Epale website, accessible from the homepage.

For information and assistance, you can contact the Epale Italia helpdesk at the email address: epale@indire.it


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