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29 marzo 2022

From 9th to 14th May the national music Festival “Music unites schools” returns

New appointment from 9th to 14th May with the Music at School Week, organized by the National Committee for the practical learning of Music for all students and by INDIRE.

During the Festival, teachers and students will have the opportunity to learn about the most innovative practices and experiences in the field of music teaching and showcase their own experiences. Thanks to a series of online training events, it will be also an opportunity to reflect on the value of music as an instrument of integration and universal language that unites us and makes us grow.

The event will take place entirely online on the INDIRE portal, with a formula like the one of the last two editions. During the week from 9th to 14th May, webinars and moments of shared reflection will be organized in streaming together with artists, pedagogues, teachers, researchers, educators, performers, and conservatory teachers. To participate in the seminars simply connect, without reservation, to the addresses indicated in the programme.

From March 30th to April 29th, all schools can begin to actively participate in the festival by sharing on the website “Music unites schools” their videos of innovative experiences in music during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, even carried out remotely.

Performances by students and teachers of schools of all levels are accepted, both as soloists and in the form of instrumental, rhythmic and choral ensembles, body percussion groups, theatre-music groups, music and movement groups, and solo and group dancers. The performances can concern music of every era, style and genre, sound landscape activities, sound engineering, sound videoart.

The videos of the performances, of a maximum duration of ten minutes (maximum 5 videos for each school), made by schools in compliance with data protection legislation, can only be sent by the head teacher or his/her delegate through the portal lamusicaunisce.indire.it.

There are two ways to send the material: via link to a school channel or audio/video repository (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or via hyperlink to a file repository used by the school (Google Drive, OneDrive etc.). It is not allowed to send videos by upload.

All contributions sent will be published by INDIRE on the Festival website, with the aim of giving life to a shared, original and varied heritage of music learning experiences.

For information: musicascuola@indire.it


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