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29 marzo 2022

Registrations are open for Didacta Italy Fair 2022

Registration is now open for the fifth edition of Didacta Italy Fair, the most important trade fair event dedicated to school innovation, which will take place from 20th to 22nd May 2022 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

Didacta Italy Fair aims to encourage debate on the world of education between institutions, associations, entrepreneurs, teachers and school managers to create a meeting place between schools and companies in the sector. The fifth edition is dedicated to the pedagogist Maria Montessori, one of the most important personalities in the world in the field of childhood education. Known to the general public as an educator and scientist of extraordinary originality and innovation, her educational method, which takes her name, is considered one of the main “new school” experiments adopted in many countries of the world.

Didacta Italy Fair presents a scientific programme coordinated by INDIRE and involves the most relevant Italian and international realities in the field of education and training, together with the Ministries of Education, University and Research. There are over 250 training events, including conferences, immersive workshops and seminars, designed on various topics, from the scientific, humanistic and technological sectors, to learning spaces. The programme is divided into different types of activities that may interest head teachers, teachers of nursery, primary, lower and upper secondary schools, the world of research and university.

An absolute novelty is the space dedicated to physical education and the educational value of sport at school, a fundamental aspect in developmental age for the complete formation of the individual.

In addition, other training activities are planned in new spaces of the Fortress. These are the 5 departments that will show special and innovative environments of the school of the future. The first space will host the upper secondary school sector, divided by humanistic, artistic and scientific areas; the other two areas will be respectively, dedicated to 0–6-year-old education and primary school. Another area will be dedicated to the “innovative school libraries”, the “publishing room”, for the presentation of books and the “cinema room”, while a large space will be dedicated to the “green area” where initiatives on eco-sustainability education will be organized in schools.

To participate in the training events of Didacta Italy Fair 2022, it is necessary to consult the scientific programme and select the activities of interest, completing the procedure by purchasing the ticket directly on the portal, also using the teacher’s card. The cost of the ticket varies from 14 to 25 euros, according to the number of days. In addition to the enrolment in the training activities of the scientific programme, the ticket includes access to an unlimited number of conferences and events of organizations and companies.



Consult the programme and take part in Fiera Didacta 2022 >>


If there is a hope of salvation and help for humanity,
this help can only come from the child, because man is built in him

Maria Montessori