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2 aprile 2022

eTwinning European Prizes 2022, the award-winning Italian teachers

The European Commission and the eTwinning Central Unit recently announced the winning projects of the eTwinning European Prizes 2022.

After a selection of 1,824 candidate projects in the 4 categories by age group and in the special category for Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET), there are 3 winning projects that see 5 Italian teachers involved. They have obtained the prestigious European recognition for their work with eTwinning together with their classes and their respective international partners.

Among the categories by age group, there are two projects in which Italian teachers took part: DISCONNECT – Dive Into Social Communities Or Networks Navigating Everyday Completely Truthfully for the 12-15 year old category, by Giacinta Fogli from the “Ariosto” high school in Ferrara and eTw-TRAIN in the category 16-19 year olds, which sees among the partners the teacher Stefania Pesce of the IIS “8 Marzo-Lorenz” of Mirano (VE).

In this same age category, 3 Italian teachers have been awarded as runner up with the A Speech Which Can Reach project: Christine Zingerle and Claudia Pellegrini of Sozialwissenschaftlichen, Klassischen, Sprachen und Kunstgymnasiums of Merano (BZ ) and Rita Giovanna Ogliari of the IISS “Galilei” of Crema.

The awards ceremony will take place during the next European eTwinning Conference, scheduled online next November, in the presence of representatives of the European Commission.

Here is a summary of the awarded projects, with links to the TwinSpace workspace and the list of the Italian teachers involved:



Age category for pupils aged up to 6 years 

Winner: STEAM Preschool Academy

Second place: Engineers of the Ecosystem


Age category for pupils aged 7-11 

Winner: eTwinners as pros

Second place: Around the world with friends


Age category for pupils aged 12-15

Winner: DISCONNECT – Dive Into Social Communities Or Networks Navigating Everyday Completely Truthfully

Teacher of Italian schools involved: Giacinta Fogli, “Ariosto” state high school in Ferrara.

The school in the Emilia Romagna region has worked with three other European partner schools from Germany, Georgia and Spain, to sensitize students to the correct use of technology and social media. The project allowed students to manage the use of digital technology with a more conscious spirit, using the internet and social media in a more critical and responsible way. By knowing what happens when you connect to the web, students have become more aware of the positive sides of the web and above all have been warned about the dangers that can be encountered online.

Second place: On the edge


Age category for pupils aged 16-19

Winner: eTw-T-R-A-I-N

Italian school teacher involved: Stefania Pesce, IIS “March 8- Lorenz” of Mirano (VE).

The Venetian school worked on a project that was well integrated into the disciplinary curriculum, which included a shared work plan with partners from Austria, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Grazia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The objective of the course was to bring students together so that they could exercise their communication and digital skills by developing the attitudes and skills mentioned in the project acronym: Tolerance, Respect, Action, Innovation, Netizens. The project took the form of a sustainable rail journey. The students virtually travelled around Europe, visiting partner countries and working together in international teams.

Second place: A Speech Which Can Reach

Teachers of Italian schools involved: Christine Zingerle and Claudia Pellegrini, Klassischen, Sprachen und Kunstgymnasiums of Merano (BZ) and Rita Giovanna Ogliari, IISS “G. Galilei ”of Crema.

The project was based on the preparation of videos in foreign languages, made by (B1-B2 English level) students in English. The students improved their English language skills and their critical thinking skills. Other results of the project were the realization of a collaborative presentation, online meetings carried out in small international cooperative groups, an eBook and an online group debate.


Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET)

Winner: SAGE: Solutions Against Greenhouse Effect (Erasmus+)



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