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4 maggio 2022

eTwinning Day 2022, design your dream school!

The week of celebrations for the 17th eTwinning Day has started! In line with the theme of the year launched by the community and following the spirit of the New European Bauhaus initiative, the activities of the eTwinning Day on 9 May want to encourage teachers and students to rethink the way they respectively teach, learn and live the school.

The eTwinner teachers and their students will have the opportunity to reflect together on the aspects of the school they prefer and on the elements they would like to eliminate, add or change in order to have a truly enriching learning space in harmony with the environment, and with the ability to promote inclusion and togetherness.


Design your dream school: beautiful, sustainable, together

Teachers are encouraged to foster students’ creativity by asking them to draw, photograph, make models or posters of their dream school. Students of all ages can participate: younger students can draw or make collages, older students can use, for example, online tools to create posters or digital templates.

Using the hashtags #eTwinningDay and #eTw4Future, starting today and until May 9, eTwinners will be able to participate in the activity by sharing images of their students’ dream schools on Twitter or Facebook. Throughout this week, teachers and students will be able to visit Twitter and Facebook accounts and check hashtags to get ideas from productions posted by other students.

To celebrate eTwinning day and help teachers develop the theme of the year, some activities will be organized within the new eTwinning Group “Our Beautiful, Sustainable Future Together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus”. It will be possible to be informed about events, including those online, that will be organized throughout the year.


Celebrate eTwinning Day with the Indire National Unit!

The eTwinning Day celebrations organized by the INDIRE eTwinning Unit will be held in Florence on 9 May from 10.30 am to 1 pm at the Erasmus Space in Piazza della Repubblica, thanks to the collaboration of the students of the unified school, Colle Val D’Elsa (Siena).

The initiative, which is part of the programme of the Festival of Europe 2022, will see young people make a flashmob on the value of inclusion, which will be followed by other creative and musical activities always on the subject. The initiative is open to all the interested parties.

We look forward to seeing you in Florence!


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