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13 maggio 2022

Erasmus+ School Ambassadors, first meeting in the name of training and enthusiasm

In the framework of the Festival of Europe in Florence, the first coordination meeting of the new network of Erasmus+ School Ambassadors was held on 10 and 11 May.

The more than 250 teachers present, coming from all Italian regions, were welcomed by the coordinator of the Erasmus+ INDIRE National Agency, Sara Pagliai, and by the staff of the Agency that supports Italian schools in making the most of the opportunities that the programme offers for school education.

The new network – which represents an evolution of the experience carried out by the Ambassadors of the eTwinning community, active since 2009 – is made up of teachers, school heads and school staff with the aim of disseminating knowledge of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ and eTwinning programme and to promote the internationalization of schools in the national territory.



The members of the network were selected to support, in collaboration with the Regional School Offices, the activity of the Erasmus+ Indire Agency in training, promotion and guidance on the Programme, also through the organization of regional and national seminars.

The inauguration ceremony of the new network took place on 10 May in Florence, as part of two days of coordination and training of the network. The meeting allowed to lay the foundations for a collaboration – which will develop until 2027 – between the Erasmus+ INDIRE Agency, the representatives of all the Regional School Offices and the new Ambassadors, aimed at increasing the number of Italian schools that benefit from the advantages resulting from European cooperation.

“One of the main objectives of the new 2021/817 Regulation which established the Erasmus+ Programme 2021/2027 is to be more inclusive – underlined Sara Pagliai – For this reason such a wide network of expert teachers will be a valid tool to make European opportunities known to school heads, teachers, pupils and schools that have never undertaken internationalization paths before”.

The seminar was also an opportunity to create a sense of community among the new Ambassadors, through networking and team building activities. In addition, specific training focused on public speaking was offered, considering that the main activity of the Ambassadors will be to be trainers of other colleagues: they will often find themselves in situations where they will have to communicate effectively and to a wide audience, to convey their skills and enthusiasm useful for promoting the internationalization of the school.




Soon, a section dedicated to Erasmus+ School Ambassadors will be created within the School Education sector of the Erasmus+ website with more information and all contact forms.