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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


23 maggio 2022

Great success for Didacta Italy with its 19-thousand visitors. Our pictures

The fifth edition of Didacta Italy Fair ended yesterday, Sunday 22 May, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, confirming itself as the annual reference event in Italy, on the future and innovation of the school world.

The fair closes with an increase in the number of events (893 in total), exhibitors and accredited journalists compared to the 2019 edition (the last one in-person, before stopping for the pandemic), registering over 19 thousand visitors.

“This fifth edition of Didacta Italy – declared Lorenzo Becattini, president of Firenze Fiera – was characterized by the enthusiasm of the teaching staff, the speakers, the institutions and all the professionals who, alongside over 230 leading companies, actively participated in-person in the event, testifying how the school of the future is already a reality “. “The success of Didacta 2022 – concluded Becattini – confirms once again the role of Florence and Tuscany at the center of innovative teaching in our country, prompting us to continue on the path taken to set up, all together, the next edition, which will take place again at the Fortezza da Basso from 8 to 10 March 2023“.


The images of the first day, Friday 20

Fiera Didacta 2022 - 1° giorno


The images of the second day, Saturday 21

Fiera Didacta 2022 - 2° giorno


The images of the third day, Sunday 22

Fiera Didacta 2022 - 3° giorno