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30 maggio 2022

European planning, active learning, and educational ethics. Four free webinars organized by IUL University starting in June

As part of the master’s degree course “Educational innovation and lifelong learning in adult education in national and international contexts”, the IUL Telematic University offers four in-depth webinars, free of charge and open to all, held by some of the course teachers.

The online meetings will provide an overview of adult learning, current EU education and training policies and European programmes. We will also discuss the use of some apps designed for active teaching/learning. The cycle of webinars will close with a reflection on the role of education in complex societies starting from the thought of Edgar Morin and a new philosophical anthropology.

This is the calendar of meetings with the links to access:


  • June 8, 5 pm
    Designing in a European dimension
    Speaker: Prof. Sara Pagliai

    During the webinar, an overview on current European Union policies, on education and training and on European Programmes as a tool for implementing these policies will be given. We will then focus on the Erasmus+ Programme, on its activities, novelties and possible opportunities for schools, teachers, pupils, students and European citizens in general.


  • June 13, 3 pm
    Educational app for active learning and teaching
    Speaker: Prof. Luca Piergiovanni

    The range of apps useful for building digital courses and lessons is nowadays very wide. There are educational apps for mobile devices of all kinds, including smartphones, and for all types of operating systems. However, what are the criteria for choosing the best apps for digital teaching that would be truly integrated into the school and work environment? The webinar will offer a very wide range of apps useful for this purpose, allowing participants both to acquire the technical skills necessary to use them to the fullest with students, and to know the educational potentials that are essential to improve teaching and learning processes.


  • June 14, 6 pm
    Myths and legends in adulthood
    Speakers: Prof. Elena Mosa and Prof. Silvia Panzavolta

    During the webinar some of the most common biases in relation to forms of learning in adulthood will be highlighted through an interactive and dynamic format, with the aim of exemplifying some of the contents of IUL’s psychology and pedagogy subjects which are part of the course of study in “Educational innovation and lifelong learning in adult education in national and international contexts”.



The password to access is: iul2022.

For further information: segreteria.webinar@iuline.it