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22 giugno 2022

«Small schools as community’s learning hubs» the new small schools’ booklet is online

Terzo numero della serie "Storie"

Small schools as community’s learning hubs is the new booklet, compiled by the INDIRE researchers, which leads the reader to the discovery of types of learning hubs enabling the rethinking of schools as educational ecosystems which are also interconnected with community services and centres.

In the publication there are many experiences, shared by our small schools.

In “Restarting from the school: the Edu@ction Valley experience” by Daniela Ruffolo – Educational director of the school “Don Lorenzo Milani” (Salerno), the small school becomes a civic centre which is part of a local sustainable educational ecosystem and aims to overcome educational poverty in the area, starting from the families: courses are attended by parents, ex-students, Italian and foreign citizens and even by grandparents.

The “Childhood’s garden” experience told by Alessandro Buttitta, teacher of the l’I.C.S. “Ignazio Buttitta” of Bagheria (Palermo), helps us to understand how a school that presents itself as a learning hub – in a multifactorial collaboration with the associations in the area to which it belongs – can prompt urban and territorial planification and regeneration policies for the requalification of public spaces or for the regeneration of disadvantaged urban areas.

To conclude, special attention is given to national experiences specifically aimed at inclusion and integration of differently abled and fragile students.

The “RES Pole: non just a physical environment” by Maria Elena Tramelli, headteacher of the comprehensive institute Teglia (Genova) presents an idea for an “integration school” by enhancing the school’s presence on the territory using the physical spaces of the Pole to build a fruitful educational and learning relation with the school classes.

The experiences presented in this booklet show how the features of education have changed and how it can become a centre of gravity for the community.

We thank all the schools that participate in our calls and help us sharing interesting and representative educational practices for our educational system.


Read the booklet Small schools as community’s learning hubs >>



The Small schools’ booklets

“The Small schools’ booklets” is an INDIRE’s publishing initiative created to document the teaching and educational experimentations of the schools participating in the small schools’ national network which are actual laboratories for innovation. The booklets are conceived as an homage to the “Library of labour”, a publishing work created and directed by Mario Lodoli, who published between 1971 and 1979 numerous small volumes and didactic sheets creating an actual encyclopaedia of the most significant experiences implemented in Italy. The repertoires of the “Library of labour” were largely used by the teachers of that time and generated innovation. They contributed to the spreading of active, inclusive and democratic schooling thanks to their easy and clear language, their essential style, and their credibility, based on a research work grounded in the teaching practice and in the actual teaching experience.