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23 giugno 2022

Alliance and leadership models in small European schools. An internationally based interpretative analysis

The new issue of IUL Research is online. This edition of the journal is compiled by Angelo Paletta, Serena Greco, Enrique Martín Santolaya and is dedicated to leadership, innovation and organizational change.

Which organizational models have enabled timely adaptation to the contextual changes deriving from the lockdown and which organizational forms can guarantee quality and equity in educational processes?

This volume (vol.3 no.5) includes the contribution of the INDIRE researchers Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Stefania Chipa and Giusy Cannella, entitled “Leadership and alliances models in small European schools. An internationally based interpretative analysis”. The study was produced thanks to the collaboration of the research group on small schools and EUN. It aims to create a Special interest Group on small and rural schools.  The work reports and provides comments on the results relating to leadership and management (in terms of school vision, internal organization, quality team, commissions, departments) and System innovation based on local alliances (collaboration with the families, local bodies and the third sector) or on local school networks. The “codebook” realized in this first stage of research on 10 European small schools in Croatia, France, Italy, Malta, and Spain provides the scientific and educational community with a thorough and accurate picture of the educational practices carried out at international level.

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IUL research magazine V.3 N.5 (2022)