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23 giugno 2022

The new European platform for school education (beta version) is online

From the 3rd of June the beta version of the new European platform for school education of the European commission is online. The European School Education Platform merges and replaces the previous e Twinning and School Education Gateway (SEG) platforms enabling users to discover and explore all the contents and opportunities relating to school education in Europe in one single online environment.

Aims and priorities of the new platform 

The aim is to provide a unique and personalized experience and at the same time promote a sense of community and collaboration among teachers and all those interested in the sector, thus contributing further to the professional development of education and training professionals, in Europe and beyond.

Moreover, this merge enables easier access for users to services and contents such as articles, didactic materials, professional development activities and tools for partners research in Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects.

The core principles of the new platform are based on transversal priorities of the Erasmus+ programme of the Eu commission: making education more inclusive, sustainable, and digital. The platform will also promote the objectives of the European educational area, in particular the action plan for digital education and the development of key competences.

From a technical perspective, the platform will use the domain europa.eu, the same of the institutions of the European Union. This domain uses the open-source software of the European Commission. This means that the new platform will be based on cutting edge technology already used by millions of users that will enable important synergies. This technological update enabled the sustainable development of the community in the years to come.

The European School Education and eTwinning platforms are initiatives of the European Commission and are funded by Erasmus+, the European Union programme for education, training, youth, and sport.

Functions available at this stage

During the next months, the platform will be progressively implemented until completing its functions within the end of the year. Currently, the first version released provides the following services:

  • New users’ registration
  • Partners research for didactic projects
  • Creation of new eTwinning projects (and the relating Twin Space work environments)
  • Creation of new eTwinning Groups


How to access (EU Login)

One of the main and most important changes is that the platform can be accessed only through EU Login, the digital authentication service of the European commission which enables authorized users to access a large array of web services of the EU using one single email address and password.

All users, new and already registered in eTwinning of to school education Getaway, will have to possess an EU Login account to access the contents of the new platform and the eTwinning platform (click here for further information).

Users already enrolled in eTwinning who have synchronized the email addresses of the eTwinning and EU Login accounts, will find that some of their personal data have already been migrated (e.g. profile, contacts, projects, groups) while it will be still necessary to access to www.etwinning.net to manage the projects and the groups active in the last school year.


Click here to access the European School Education Platform>>

If you need support visit the FAQ session on Europen school Education Platform e EU login