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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


27 giugno 2022

“Dove sta di casa la scuola?” The research article published in Research on Education and Media (REM)

The contribution “Dove sta di casa la scuola? The home environment as a place of transformation and learning” by Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Laura Parigi and Francesco Tonucci has been published in volume 14 (2022) issue 1 (June 2022) of the Research on Education and Media (REM) the scientific journal of band A 11D2.

The article is dedicated to an educational experience that during the pandemic represented a possible alternative to distance learning and was very useful for small schools which are often located in places with less technological infrastructures and connectivity problems.

In this perspective, “Dove sta di casa la scuola?” was a proposal capable of supporting teachers of small schools in the aim of not leaving anyone behind, finding in the home space solutions, also creative and alternative ones, to be close to their students in an effective way.

Which transformation processes ca be observed, simulated, and built at home? Through this theme “Dove sta di casa la scuola?” enabled teachers and families to understand how to work on different subjects (mathematics, philosophy, music, anthropology, science, architecture) in the home environment.

We thank all the colleagues of the Small Schools group and the numerous experts who collaborated: Francesco Tonucci pedagogist and founder of La città dei bambini, Franco Lorenzoni, teacher of Casa Laboratorio Cenci, Ilaria Rodella and Costanza Faravelli – Ludosofici; Giorgio Presti – Luca Andrea Ludovico Ricercatori – Musical Informatics Laboratory, University of Milan; Roberta Passoni and Marco Pollano, Educational Cooperation Movement; Carla degli Esposti, mathematics, Francesca Zangari Emmametodo; Giancarlo Monaca, Teacher of the Small School of Serravalle D’Asti – Bimbisvegli – Educational Cooperation Network; Beate Weyland, University of Bolzano; Oreste Brondo, teacher, and Gilberto Chirico, physicist; Stefania Russo, Teacher of a small school on Monti Daini – Unesco Sustainability Award; Pamela Giorgi, Francesca Pizzigoni, Irene Zoppi, INDIRE researchers; Sonia Coluccelli, Head of Education Montessori Foundation Italy Member of the board of the Educational Cooperation Network and of the coordination group on the school of Saltamuri, Arnaldo Arnaldi Chiara Filios, NORMALEARCHITETTURA.


The article can be consulted (and downloaded) directly at the link: