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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


30 giugno 2022

Didactic use of school heritage: the new small schools’ booklet is online

The research group on small schools is constantly committed to providing the national movement with the tools to improve and innovate the educational offer.

One of the resources made available is the publishing series “small schools’ booklets“, the publishing initiative that documents the didactic and educational experimentation activities of the schools of the network.

A new booklet of the “Tools” series was released today. It is entitled the method of the “Patrimoniere” (heritage manger): school heritage to strengthen identity and overcome isolation.

This issue, edited by the researcher Francesca Pizzigoni, aims to guide us to understand how the historical-educational heritage of a territory can be put at the service of teaching. In a progressive step-by-step process, the “Patrimoniere” method leads pupils to discover and learn about the history and identity of their school, up to the point of creating a real school museum capable of stimulating and supporting daily teaching, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The booklet is a practical guide to the implementation of the method in each of its phases.

The direct evidence of how a small school can work with its historical-educational heritage and how, thanks to this, create networks with other schools, will be provided in the next booklet, online in a few months, which will gather the experiences of the small schools of Favignana and Val Tidone.

The hope is that this new method can be taken up and used by the small schools of the Movement, and perhaps also by the “big” ones.


Booklet  The” Patrimoniere” method: school heritage to strengthen identity and overcome isolation