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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


4 luglio 2022

The research on small schools and homeschooling at EDULEARN2022

EDULEARN22 – 14th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies includes – in the session “DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR LEARNING UNDER LOCKDOWN” (5 July; h 3pm ) – the research work “EDUCATIONAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS TO SUPPORT “SMALL SCHOOLS” IN DISTANCE LEARNING SETTINGS: EVIDENCE FROM THE ITALIAN CONTEXT” by  E. Dalla Mutta, V. Benigno, C. Fante, and G. R.J Mangione.

The work is the result of CNR/ITD and Indire’s small schools joint research which focused the last two years’ research on the educational method and on how enhancing the concepts of inclusion would be crucial for isolated schools and schools at risk of margination, being the school a stronghold of democracy. Physical isolation and distance education could prompt the rethinking of the small schools’ curriculum to offer students the chance to access equal and quality education as in the standard schools.

The research, participated by 500 teachers and headteachers who are daily engaged in the management of homeschooling due to children’s health reasons, or environmental difficulties, enabled the study of the educational strategies implemented before and after the pandemic in Italian small schools.

A national questionnaire and in-depth interviews have been used to involve teachers and headteachers. The results show that the relationship with local bodies, families and associations constitutes protective and solidarity factors for the small schools which help to provide continuous and quality education to non-attending students, despite their health or environmental problems.

EDULEARN is one of the largest international conferences on education addressed to teachers, researchers, technologists, and professionals in the school sector. After 15 years, it has become a reference event where experts from 80 countries gather to present their projects and share their knowledge on teaching and learning methods and educational innovation.

EDULEARN is more than a conference. It is an ideal platform for strategic international networking, the best place to present innovation and projects on innovation and technology.

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