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7 luglio 2022

The Third edition of the PATHS Summer School (A Philosophical Approach to THinking Skills), from 12-14 July

From 12 to 14 July, the third edition of the PATHS Summer School gets underway, an initiative aimed at schoolteachers of all levels, organized by Indire and the Ministry of Education as part of the homonymous project for the enhancement and dissemination of philosophy in the growth and training paths of students. Three days of conferences, webinars, and workshops to discuss an educational proposal that promotes confrontation between peers within the class, strengthening education in critical thinking through dialogue between disciplines.

This year’s edition entitled “Philosophy and the school of the future” will take place entirely online. There will be workshops on civic education, STEAM, multilingualism, and internationalization and, above all, proposals will be presented to introduce philosophy in technical and professional schools and in the first two years of high school.

The last day, Thursday 14 July, will be dedicated to the conference “Digital education, environmental education, citizenship, teaching professionalism: philosophy and the school of the future”.

The plenary lectures and educational workshops will be available through the Cisco Webex platform.

Please note that to obtain the final certificate, the student must follow at least three training activities and must produce a final paper, which must be entered by each student on the platform within thirty days from the closing date of the Summer School.

To participate you must be registered on the PATHS platform, to do so simply connect to the dedicated page and follow the online procedure.



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