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28 luglio 2022

EPALE is looking for good practices on Tackling early school leaving for its next national seminar

The local educational community plays a key role in preventing early school leaving and educational poverty. When this is well organized, cohesive, and able to concretely address the needs of the community it triggers a virtuous circle benefitting the entire society.

EPALE Italy dedicates a national seminar titled Non dis-perdersi. Azioni di rete per contrastare la povertà educativa (Network actions to tackle educational poverty) to this theme, which is going to take place in Rome on 9 and 10 November.  The event is mainly addressed to teachers and educators operating in the adult education sector in Italy and will deal with the theme of tackling educational poverty and early school leaving – especially in the most affected areas – through the creation of territorial networks. During the seminar, good practices created in different territorial contexts will be presented, including the projects in juvenile detention centers on tackling early school leaving of young people who committed a crime.

In order to provide a more complete picture, EPALE Italy launches an appeal to all those who have entered an educational territorial pact, an educational alliance or are taking part in a concluded or ongoing Erasmus+ project.

The aim is to gather virtuous examples of territorial co-planning, cooperation and educational alliances between local bodies, schools, provincial centers for adult education and other subjects in the educational community or the third sector in order to tackle early school leaving and educational poverty intervening on the different factors which causes them.

The best 10 practices received will be given a space within the seminar through a poster session for a better dissemination and valorization of the work undertaken.

Find out how to submit your proposal on the EPALE website >>