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28 luglio 2022

Music high schools, three million euros for extracurricular courses on Jazz and new music languages

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

The Minster of Education, Patrizio Bianchi has signed the decree for the allocation of three million euros earmarked to extend the educational provision of music schools with extracurricular courses on jazz and new music languages.

Funds have been distributed to the regions based on the number of students enrolled in the last three years of music schools in their respective territories. The decree identifies the aims of the training paths and funds allocation criteria for each school.

The schools interested in the activation of the courses and the laboratories will have to submit their project by taking part in specific public calls of the regional school offices which will evaluate the proposals through a commission. Each project must include a budget of no less than 12 thousand euros and no more than 30 thousand euros.

The selection criteria will account for proposals’ quality and innovation, collaboration between schools and cultural and music institutions on the territory, the involvement of experts and families.

The selected schools will receive 50% of funds due as advanced payment and 50% upon financial reporting. The regions’ school offices will have the opportunity to activate a technical scientific committee to support and monitor the activities.

[Press release of the Ministry of Education of 27/07/2022]