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29 agosto 2022

Service Learning, the international seminar in Argentina concluded

On August 26th Patrizia Lotti and Lorenza Orlandini were invited to participate in the online round table organised by CLAYSS on public policies for the dissemination of Service Learning as part of the 25th International Seminar of Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario which took place in Buenos Aires on Thursday 25thand Friday 26th.

The Service Learning methodology promotes the design of learning paths aimed at creating services that satisfy real and felt needs of an area. The initiatives undertaken always provide for close collaboration with local institutions and aim to establish a virtuous circle between classroom learning and solidarity service.

The round table, to which representatives of bodies and organizations dealing with the dissemination of Service Learning in the various countries were invited, had the purpose of sharing the methods of promoting this pedagogical approach of the various institutions, in consideration of the different national contexts, within the framework of international policies. Representatives of UNESCO and the European Commission, organizations, and ministries of education from various countries, including Argentina, Uruguay and Spain were also present at the table. It was a useful opportunity to share the different strategies that, over the last few decades, have made it possible to spread Service Learning quite widely.

The confrontation made it possible to make known the work that INDIRE carries out in the context of the idea of ​​Educational Avant-gardes: “Inside/Outside the school – Service Learning“, through the commitment aimed at spreading the pedagogical approach in schools of all types and levels, research on institutionalization and inter-professional comparison between teachers and educators of the third sector for the improvement of its quality.