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2 settembre 2022

Infoday Erasmus+, a new cycle of meetings to discover European opportunities has started

Participating in an Erasmus + project is an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth, at all ages. The Programme offers many opportunities to live a learning or professional updating experience abroad, which also becomes a way to broaden the horizons of one’s daily life, practice languages, and meet new cultures. There are proposals for everyone, from students, to educators, to senior citizens involved in activities for elderly people: there is always time to learn new things and feed curiosity about the world!

To access the Erasmus+ opportunities each year, it is possible to respond to the invitation to submit new proposals, on the dates promptly reported by our National Agency on the official website (here the “Deadlines” section) and on social media channels.

But to guide you in choosing the most suitable experience for each person and organization, to understand the important elements for writing a quality proposal adhering to the objectives of the Programme, the Agency is always at work in responding to requests for assistance and in organizing information meetings for everyone, even for those who are entering the world of European projects for the first time.

From 5 September a new cycle of online information meetings will start, dedicated to the various sectors of the Programme and with free participation, upon registration. In particular, the information will focus on the key actions involved in the next deadline, that of 4 October at 12 pm.


Here are the first dates of the meetings:


By registering, you will receive access to the virtual environment of the seminar.

To find out all the scheduled dates, consult the Events section on the Erasmus+ Indire Agency website and on the Erasmus+ social channels.