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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


6 settembre 2022

The Erasmus+ Ambassadors arrive in the Italian schools

Since September, the network of Erasmus+ School Ambassadors is active in Italy. This consists of over 260 teachers and head teachers, experts in European cooperation and planning for schools, with the aim of disseminating, at regional level, the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme for schools, promoting awareness, participation and internationalization of the schools of the Italian territory, in particular the most remote and isolated ones.

The new network is an initiative created by the Indire’s Erasmus+ National Agency, in collaboration with the institutional and pedagogical representatives appointed by the Regional School Offices, to support training, promotion and orientation activities on the Programme, addressing head teachers, teachers, students and other school staff.

Ambassadors are an active part of a regional training plan that includes free seminars (online and face-to-face) for teachers and school staff. The meetings are organized by the Erasmus+ School Contact persons of the Regional School Offices, in collaboration with the Indire’s Erasmus+ National Agency.

Ambassadors can be contacted both directly (for advice and individual support on the Programme during the ideation, planning and carrying out of Erasmus+ or eTwinning activities) and through the USR and pedagogical contact persons (in order to be able to propose the organization of training activities in their institution or participate in the activities foreseen in the calendar of regional seminars).

All information on the network, the list of ambassadors on a regional basis and contact methods are available on this page: https://www.erasmusplus.it/scuola/ambasciatori-erasmus-scuola/