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12 settembre 2022

EU Academy: sustainability comes to the classroom with the new free course for teachers

“Sustainability in the Classroom and Beyond – Engage the Whole School!” is the new free course for teachers promoted by the European School Education Platform, starting next September 19th.

The course will propose ideas for classroom activities and to develop collaboration with the local community, with the aim of making sustainability an integral part of school culture and pupils’ life.

The course is divided into four modules for a total duration of 5 and a half weeks (course end: October 26). The estimated workload is 3-4 hours per week:

  • Module 1: Learning for Sustainability – Beyond recycling and polar bears
  • Module 2: Pedagogy – Thinking globally, acting locally
  • Module 3: Community – This is not (only) personal responsibility
  • Module 4: Practices for the whole school – Walking with your own legs
  • Module 5: Final task

The EU Academy is an EU-owned online platform that contains high-quality educational resources and valuable insights, with the aim of facilitating the understanding and implementation of EU policies across a wide range of sectors.


EU Academy website >>

Registration is open (course start: September 19th) >>