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13 ottobre 2022

The power of imagination in adult learning. EPALE Community Conference 2022

On 18, 19 and 20 October 2022, EPALE will host its community’s annual online conference entitled “Imagine. Enriching, sustainable, inclusive Europe”.

Imagining means rethinking the present, unlocking new possibilities and creating new futures. Taking this thought as a guiding thread and starting point, the EPALE conference aims to highlight the power of imagination and adult learning in shaping an enriching, sustainable and inclusive Europe.

The conference revolves around four themes:

  • Learning community
  • Young adults
  • Innovative approaches to the skills revolution
  • Creativity and culture for social cohesion

Each thematic plenary session will be followed by an interactive workshop with limited places (to participate it is necessary to register for the sessions of interest).

The three days will alternate keynote speeches, round tables and workshops involving experts from all over Europe.

For Italy we point out the report by Giovanni E. Corazza (University of Bologna) “Out of the box. Slow thinking for creativity “and the speech by Marcella Milana (University of Verona) on the European approach to individual learning accounts and micro credentials (read the interview).

Furthermore Laura Ferro (National Diary Archive) will speak at the round table on Education, community and memory, and Micaela Casalboni (Teatro dell’Argine) will bring the example of non-formal education with the arts, among the practices based on the community approach to empowerment.

Consult the speakers’ biographies >>


The EPALE Community Conference takes place entirely online, but also includes a number of national side events. Among these, the INDRE’s EPALE Italy unit organizes on October 20 – a day dedicated to the theme “Culture and Creativity for social cohesion” – an EPALE Lab to raise awareness of the platform and a monitoring seminar on Erasmus+ thematic projects to be held at the Salone Lombardo Radice of the institute and which will provide a link with the European conference.


Find out more about the EPALE Italy seminar on October 20th >>


All plenary sessions (including lectures, panels and talks) are freely accessible online via the EPALE platform, or on EPALE Europe’s social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The working language is English.


See the complete programme >>

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Follow the live broadcasts from the EPALE website by clicking on the links: