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2 novembre 2022

Many useful and free digital resources by STE (A) M IT to bring young people closer to science


STE (A) M IT is a European project, of which INDIRE is a partner, born at the end of 2019 to promote STEM education and make academic and professional careers in the scientific sectors increasingly attractive for young people.

For three years, the project has been involved in spreading a type of teaching in which subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry are no longer worlds in themselves, often difficult to penetrate and separated from other disciplines and the outside world, but fit into an “integrated” training context, which is transversal, interdisciplinary, and capable of stimulating intellectual and reflective skills and the development of a critical spirit.

The project, now at the end of its life cycle, provides a series of useful tools to support teachers in their work to bring young people closer to science. Let’s see what it is.


The STE (A) M IT Framework

The publication, addressed to teachers, head teachers and researchers, offers ideas, tricks, and suggestions to integrate STEM into daily teaching and to (try to) involve and make students passionate about scientific disciplines. Download it here: https://bit.ly/SteamIt-Framework

There is also the Executive Summary of the digital volume, a shorter version, translated into ten languages: https://bit.ly/STEAMIT_Executive-Summary


Guidelines for overcoming the obstacles of STEM teaching

For those teachers who encounter difficulties in proposing STEM activities in the classroom or in making scientific disciplines “dialogue” with other subjects, STEAM IT offers practical guidelines that offer useful tools to face the challenges most frequently encountered in teaching scientific subjects. The publication is called Guidelines for overcoming barriers and can be found here: https://bit.ly/STEAMIT_Guidelines-Barriers


Handbook for career guidance and career advisers

In collaboration with the Career Adviser Network, STEAM IT has also created a manual aimed at all those who work in the field of career guidance and scientific careers. It’s called Handbook for Career Advisers and can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/STEAMIT_Handbook-CAs


Some learning scenarios

To conclude, the project also offers a very short publication designed to contextualize the STEM disciplines, placing them in the real world. Through the presentation of some learning scenarios, which can be experimented in primary and secondary schools, these pages ensure that students, guided by their teachers, can see and understand the close connection between the theories studied in the classroom and the world that surrounds and creates them. The digital brochure can be found here: https://bit.ly/STEAMIT_LS