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9 novembre 2022

Online safety at school, an eTwinning webinar with the experts of Connected Generations is on its way

Internet and digital technologies are part of youngsters’ daily life, also at school. This scenario makes it necessary not only to promote a positive use of the internet and digital applications, but also to prevent, recognize and manage any problematic situations.

Support in this direction comes from the online seminar organized on 22 November at 5 pm by the Indire’s eTwinning National Unit, in collaboration with the Connected Generations project (Safer Internet Center). The meeting is part of the cycle of “webinars with experts”, a series of online appointments designed to offer teachers, head teachers and school staff, a highly qualified professional update on current and highly interesting topics.

The webinar on Tuesday 22, entitled “eSafety tools and practices within the Connected Generations project: the e-policy“, intends to provide information and advice for the production of a school e-policy.

The e-policy is a useful programmatic document, produced by the school on the basis of the reasoned index made available by Connected Generations, aimed at describing both the behavioral rules and procedures for the safe use of technologies in the school environment, and the measures for the prevention, identification and management of problems related to an unaware use of digital tools.

The speakers will be Mauro Cristoforetti (EDI Cooperative); Salvatore Ciro Conte (Telefono Azzurro); Daniele Catozzella (Save the Children Italy). Alexandra Tosi of the Indire’s eTwinning National Unit will moderate the meeting.

The webinar is aimed at teachers and school leaders of all school levels. Participation is free, but you must register online. Available places are assigned subject to availability, with priority to teachers enrolled in eTwinning.

The duration of the meeting is about 2 hours. A certificate of participation will be issued at the end.


Registration is open >>