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10 novembre 2022

Kicked off and underway school projects, the international conference in Milan

The health emergency of the last two years has inevitably reopened the debate on the school system, on the crisis it is going through and its future prospects.

What has changed and what is changing in the world of education? The international conference Kicked off and underway school projects is focused on these issues, in order to identify models and practices for a democratic school system to avoid returning to the same classroom we had before the pandemic.

The event, organized by the School and Democratic Citizenship Laboratory of the Department of Human Sciences for Education Riccardo Massa, will take place at the Milano Bicocca University from 11 to 12 November and will see experts from the academic world, researchers and networks active in the school sector exchanging views and discussing school innovation and participation.

The conference takes place in-person. Participation is free, but online registration is required. Live streaming is planned for the panels on Saturday morning.


INDIRE research will take an active part in the debate with the contributions of the experiences made with the Movements of the Educational Avant-garde and Small Schools and with a series of interventions in the workshops and panels following the plenary session.

In particular, INDIRE researchers will participate in the following events:


Friday 11/11 – THE NETWORKS FORUM (11.30 am – 1.30 pm)

Elisabetta Mughini and Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Referents respectively of the Avant-garde Educational Movements and Small Schools, will talk about the role of networks in renewing schools in their concrete daily life as it is experienced by children and young people, to make them protagonists of their growth and of today’s and tomorrow’s society.


Friday 11/11 (2.30 pm – 4 pm)

In the area dedicated to didactic and laboratory innovation, Silvia Panzavolta will present the debate methodology and some teachers will present the mentoring experiences for active teaching in small schools created as part of the Horizon 2020 MenSi project.


Saturday 12/11 (10 am – 1 pm)

In Panel 2 focused on learning environments and student participation, Lorenza Orlandini and Patrizia Lotti will illustrate how Service Learning can be functional in supporting students’ protagonism in the learning process.

Live streaming >>


In Panel 3 dedicated to the innovation of spaces and times at school, Lorenza Orlandini and Elena Mosa will talk about time at school as a pedagogical variable.

Live streaming >>


In the Panel on “School, territory and community pacts” Giuseppina Cannella, Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione and Stefania Chipa will talk about community schools and educational pacts

Live streaming >>


Margherita di Stasio and Serena Goracci will bring the experience of the DIVARI trainers’ training project to panel 7 focused on early school leaving

Live streaming >>


Visit the page dedicated to the event

Conference programme

Panel programme (with links to live streaming)