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24 novembre 2022

In Florence, the conference on the role of schools in the promotion of equality

Educating to respect and equality is the first form of prevention of violence. Therefore, it is important that schools, from the earliest years, engage in the deconstruction of stereotypes and in the promotion of equality and equal rights.

It is around these issues that the conference “The role of the school in the promotion of equality. Teaching practices and reflections for a systemic action” will unfold. The event is organized by INDIRE and the Tuscany Region and scheduled at the Auditorium of Sant’Apollonia in Florence on 12 December.

The event will bring together institutional representatives and INDIRE researchers to discuss, in particular, the perspectives and data emerging from the “PARTime” training initiative, co-designed by INDIRE and the Tuscany Region with the collaboration of the Regional School Office and ANCI Tuscany.

PARtime offers a training course aimed at teachers, school managers, ATA staff, and educators of the Tuscan territory on issues related to gender education, with regard to school curricular teaching. 

Starting from this experience, the Conference will therefore be an opportunity to discuss actions aimed at accompanying the schools in the implementation of teaching practices and educational policies aimed at promoting equality from a system perspective and in close collaboration with the university world and local realities.

The event is open to all, but online registration is required. A certificate of participation will be issued.


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